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Solutions For Financial Services Industries


Understanding Your Business And Its Challenges

In our interactions with banking and financial services clients in Nigeria, we came to the conclusion that customers are searching for IT vendors that have both requisite skills in their field of their speciality, truly understand their businesses and can offer solutions that can help them mitigate their risks and improve their bottom line: Just Technologies is indeed that type of partner.

Additionally, customers are looking for vendors that will provide solutions or platforms that will help the financial institutions generate revenues outside their traditional services of as (loans, interests and fees) and offer convenient and efficient service delivery to its customer base.

Easing Payment Challenges

Payment is an integrate part of the services that a bank performs. Therefore banks are ever looking for new, easier and faster ways of ensuring payment services are delivered to their teeming customers in a secured, reliable and accurate manner.

Common electronic channel explored by the banks customers are ATM, POS and the web (which given the Nigeria Internet Population is grossly under utilised). Just Technologies’ partnership with Iveri Payment Technology offers a new vista of opportunities for the banks and its customers whether they are merchants or the end users to explore cheaper, efficient and alternative to making card related payments by using the Iveri Payment Gateway.

With Iveri Payment Gateway, the bank’s merchant is truly empowered to offer their own clientele various options of making payment either through a POS terminal, web or mobile phones.

The Multi channel acceptability of the Iveri Payment Gateway helps the bank extend its marketing reach to potential merchants which before now the bank could not access due to the high cost of acquisition of the materials or device required by the merchants to be effective.

SMS Gateway and Transaction Alerts

All financial services institutions have one way or the other of communicating with their customer base either electronically or manually. Electronic communication could range from ordinary telephone calls, to SMS and email.

Just Technologies in partnership with Clickatell provides SMS Gateway platform for financial institutions, giving them the ability to engage their customer base in a two-way SMS conversation, providing transaction notifications and alerts all the transactions performed by their customers.

Cheque Truncation and Imaging

Banks still deal in large volumes of cheques either those issued by individuals, corporate organisations or by the bank itself. These financial instruments need to be warehoused, stored in a very organised manner that ensures easy access by the authorised users.

Just Technologies has partnered with a leading provider of Cheque Scanners (PANINI) of Italy that enable banks improved on their customer’s service delivery whilst cutting down on usage of paper and easing the transportation of the information captured on the cheques.

Below are some of the benefits of a Bank deploying Panini Scanners in their environment:
With the help of the bank’s, in-house developers and banking software providers, the following can be achieved.

  1. Branch or third party cheques can be scanned and saved in a secured location for usage by those authorised to do so.;
  2. The MICR data captured during scanning can be stored in a database for future use;
  3. The scanners can be provided by the banks to its corporate customers to help them capture confirm cheques and transmitted across the web in a secured manner;
  4. The Scanners can also be used to sort bank divided cheques into various groups using the MICR information on the cheque;
  5. Information of the scanner will sure reduce cost of paper usage and wastage;
  6. Reduce personnel required to photocopy and transient third party cheque.

Remittance and Payment Platform

As the banking sector regroups and organises itself to launch new products and services to the market, a segment that has received a lot of attention of late is the retail segment.
In the retail segment, there are many players including Microfinance banks jostling for this market.

Just Technologies in partnership with Estel Technologies of India provides mobile, remittance and payment solution that banks and Microfinance can leverage on to gain competitive advantage in the market place.

Estel Technologies has over 8 years experience providing Prepaid Payment platforms for Telco operators and working with financial
Institutions around the world. Estel is currently running three mobile remittance pilots in the Middle East and Africa.

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